My family will be very pleased to add your review after getting your baby.

I have been quite happy with my pair boys I adopted from you back in 2017. I am pleased to tell you that they are still with me and doing fairly well as a senior. I don’t know how many parents send you their feedback but I just wanted you to know how special they have been to me and my family for the past years. They will be 4 on April 6th, 2022. My daughter Holly who is now 24 always calls them her little brothers .  They are a joy to be in our family and I just wanted to thank you again for this bundles.  I just wanted to express how pleased we are with your Suggies breed and I would most definitely adopt again from you if ok.  Thank you for what you do, and how well you do it. Those babies are so lucky to have you and your family caring and watching over them. Keep up the good work and healthy and happy breeding to you. Sincerely, a satisfied Momma! 

Elva 22/10/2021

Sisi is a great addition to our family. Our home wouldn’t have been more spicy without you! He is so loved and I thank you for uniting us.  I’ve been scammed 3 times on Craigslist but i knew i would stop crying when i find the right place to buy, I’ll recommend others to you. Needless to say Sisi is a perfect fit. God bless you, you’ve put a smile on my face 🙂

Harlem 01/10/2021

We purchased Paisley in January 2020. Ma’am Angel did an outstanding job with communication and shipping.  We could
not have gotten a better glider – she is remarkable. We thank you everyday for Paisley! We are looking toward another if there’s a waiting list.

Sara  14/08/2021

We are so pleased with pair. They are everything a glider should be lol – they are well adjusted, intelligent, sweet, people loving, bold ,  play well as they are supper bonded. I really thank you for all the assistance. We are impressed.

Leslie 12/04/2021

I have just gotten 2 stunning boys from Angel, a white faced platinum boy, Zebra, and his white face brother, Peru. They are a true credit to Angel, they are inquisitive and friendly and I am yet to hear them crab, they are very curious of my 4 year old and enjoy following him as he walks near the cage to see them. I have been able to hold and be a climbing frame for these stunning boys since the day they came home, amazing boys from a fantastic breeder, these boys really show the time put in by Angel to make them the amazing gliders they are when they go to their forever homes. I genuinely couldn’t be more pleased and in love with these stunning boys. Thank You Angel!!

Miriam 14/12/2020

Angel’s joeys are her passion as are her gliders. We adopted our Triplets from Angel on the 11.1.18. Having been kept up to date on their progress from birth with pictures, weight and videos sent to us on a more than weekly basis. It started our journey with the Triplets we picked up three very healthy and confident joeys that had been handled from an early age. They displayed confidence around Angel and a bond with them was very easy for us to establish as well. Thank you again!!!

Samson 17/07/2018

Thank you very much Ma’am our pair just arrived and the lady said I should call and confirm to you but no one answered the phone. I’ll forever be grateful to you and your husband as my husband thought we were going to loose our money lol. Moreover I was worried about Jelly and Fred being that it’s their first time on air lol. I have signed all the papers and was told copies will come back to you. I promise to post and send pictures and updates everyday just so you know how we are all doing. Thanks again.

Gideon & Jen 7/01/2018

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